To upload a video, please follow these steps:

1. Join Voicing stories project by subscribing to the website.

2. Please specify if you wish to upload an oral history interview or a perspective video.

3. If you wish to create an oral history video interview, please download the comprehensive study guide and consent form for further guidelines and information.

4. Write in the description of your video or videos the following information:

      • Your name and surname
      • The title of your video
      • A brief summary of the video of maximum 150 words
      • Your interviewee's date of birth
      • Your interviewee's name and surname
      • Your interviewee's place of birth

5. Each oral history interview should feature one story spoken by a single interviewee. As an interviewer you are encouraged to ask questions and leave these in the final version of your edited video.

6. The maximum duration of each oral history video interview should be 15 minutes each. In case you wish to record a longer oral history testimony, this should be edited in chapters of 15 minutes maximum, and titled as Your title_Part 1, Your title_Part 2 etc.

7. Your oral history testimonies should be tagged according to the thematic category or categories you have chosen to focus on. You are encouraged to create or share oral history interviews and testaments on technology, art, design, crafts, music, community life, neighbor hood, nature and stories on political events, with a focus on the turbulent period in Cyprus, particularly from 1960 onward. Other thematic categories are welcome too.

Please include as many tags as possible to help other users find your video, based on the topics you touch upon in your video. Use # hashtag to separate the tags.

1. Your video or collection of videos should include English subtitles, made by using clear and visible standard fonts such as Calibri or Arial.

2. Upon adherence to the aforementioned guidelines you are invited to send us your video or collection of videos. Once received, the material will be examined by Voicing stories team, and will then be reviewed before release for publishing.