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In this section, we invite creatives who work in any of the following media: art, design, craft, filmmaking, creative writing and performance art and other forms of expression, to reinterpret Cypriot oral history interviews using film making, sculpture, audio-visual or visual art pieces, design experiments, talks, conversations, installations, experiential interventions and other showcases.

If you are interested in sending us a video, please read the guidelines written in the upload section of the website. If you are looking to share with us a photograph of the related project piece, or any other file showcasing your interpretation of an oral history video, please contact us @



A creative oral history pilot program for Voicing Stories and Craft Stories projects, curated by Xarkis, has just been completed at the Educational Centre for Children of the Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre. Through a non - formal education process and guided by educators, academics and practitioners in oral history, social anthropology, creative writing, storytelling, visual communication, socially engaged art and film making, participants were called to document their own cultural and historical heritage by fostering an inter-generational dialogue with members of their local communities. They were then invited to collect history testimonies and to engage with stories relating to past experiences in Cyprus, in a professional and ethical manner.

The participants were guided by selected experts: Dr. Nicoletta Demetriou who introduced aspects of oral history and shared insights on how she gained access within the Cypriot fiddlers’ community, Dr. Lucy Avraamidou with Dr. Nicoletta Christodoulou who led a webinar on ethics, the law and re-purposing material in oral history collection and presented their own outcomes through their case study on ‘The Cyprus Oral history and Living Memory Project’, social anthropologist Yiannis Papadakis who led a tour within the walls of Nicosia to discuss monuments, symbols, politics and nuances in the history of Cyprus, Dr. Evi Tselika who introduced ways of working with people as socially engaged practitioners and Andreas ‘Splash’ Kyriakou from the NGO GeekOtopos who gave tips and guidelines for filming and editing video testimonies.

During the course of Craft Stories, which is an initiative that communicates stories of craftsmen who practice endangered local crafts through a comic book tool, participants reinterpreted oral history collected stories into comic book strips. To do this, they visited different areas of Cyprus wherein endangered crafts have been mapped, including Koilani village for “pipilla” lace making, Phyti village for “phythkiotika” weaving craft, Livadia village for basketry and Famagusta for “lefkaritiko” lace making. The participants then reconvened in their workshop space and received mentorship from Tasos Anastasiades, who theorized and discussed ideas on current practices in comic book designing, Denis Constantinou who focused on character design and aesthetics, Max Sheridan who spoke of story crafting and finally Antonis Bargilly, who guided participants in their adaptation of the stories into comic book scripts.

The video material created during Voicing Stories & Craft Stories, can be found in the video section of this website.

The full version of Craft Stories is coming soon!

The artists participating in this initiative include:
Constantinos Georgiou
Vasilis Vasiliou
Nurtane Karagil
Christina Skarpari