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The idea behind Voicing Stories project was conceptualized by Xarkis + The Cypriot Puzzle. The current project which is realized by Xarkis team, aims to collect a variety of oral history narratives and assemble them within a digital library that will be available for sharing. Through the genre of video-testimonies, Cypriots of different backgrounds and ethnic origins are encouraged to share their own personal experiences and stories on technology, art, design, crafts, music, community life, neighbor hood and stories on political events, with a focus on the turbulent period in Cyprus, particularly from 1960 onward.

Moving away from selected, guided, written, pictured, popularized and institutionalized narratives, the video-testimony as a genre creates a space in which intimate, personal and local experiences can be voiced across the island. Moreover, it offers a more holistic representation of the people of Cyprus in the context of Cypriot history and culture that will both be shared and preserved in our digital library.

While there are numerous noteworthy oral history initiatives in Cyprus, we could say that the difference within these initiatives is that knowledge about oral history collection will be gathered by and passed on to the every man as a tool to use, with people of his or her everyday surroundings and using simple recording devices such as smart phones, tablets and / or compact cameras. Simultaneously, and coupled with the right towards education, we challenge the standard means of oral history deliverance, by selecting a diverse range of contemporary media that are both accessible and fresh in their communication language.


We invite you to subscribe to the website, to read our comprehensive study guide and to participate in the project by creating a video-interview using any of your own available equipment (smart phone, camera etc). Alternatively or if you have a story to share, you can participate by giving an interview.

Feel free to contact us for any further information.


Xarkis team


This initiative is made possible through the Youthopia Small Grants implemented by MAGEM and YOUTH POWER and funded by European Union.

The views expressed in this webpage are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent those of Youthopia, Youth Power, MAGEM or European Union.